IBCS has mainly focused on supporting the need for OB (outside broadcast) assets.

Professional video cameras and microphones are used in mobile productions to bring all content into a temporary production control room environment for processing and distribution. The content is transferred via qualitatively fast streaming capabilities.

Due to our high level of knowledge and experience in both mobile production control rooms and content carrying vehicles, we achieve highly successful results.

We design and modify products in the following areas:

  • Engineering for content distribution
  • Headend engineering services
  • Specific engineering for control rooms
  • Built-in flight-sets cars and vans
  • Built-in, modify and innovate outside broadcast vehicles
  • Communication and streaming resources
  • Manufacture packaging case



Creating new solutions is our work.

We can also use our existing innovative network in the field of broadcast solutions. Our specific technical market knowledge ensures solutions for the most complex issues.

Together we make it Happen